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Classic Friendly

If you are selling a classic car of any age, what better way to back up its condition and presentation than with a Classic Friendly Ltd Buyer’s or Seller’s Report?

The report incorporates the full Classic Friendly Safety Inspection, but then goes much further, taking a look at trim and upholstery, brightwork, modifications and paint condition.

The survey also looks at paint thickness, which can be a handy indicator when looking for evidence of intensive filler work, which may indicate that not all is what it seems beneath the surface.

Wherever possible, oil pressure is checked with an external gauge and a cylinder compression check is also undertaken. Tests are also conducted on fluids, such as coolant and brake fluid, giving a greater indication of underlying vehicle condition and maintenance.

Classic Friendly Ltd reports can be a particularly useful tool when looking to purchase a classic car too. One of our experts will inspect the vehicle impartially, whether at our workshops, or where the car is located, subject to safe and suitable conditions in which to do so.

Inspections, servicing and repairs

Classic Friendly

As we are Classic Friendly approved we can help you look after your classic vehicle by providing all the following:

• Car safety inspections
• Car buyer/seller inspections
• Restorations
• Body repairs
• Carburettor balancing
• All aspects of servicing

Each of these adheres to strict guidelines, so you can be confident in requesting this work from us. The inspection reports generated use a simple red, amber and green coding to let you know which areas, if any, need attention. Each Classic Friendly inspection report is logged on the Classic Friendly website, and can be viewed in your own personal area.

When we have completed the inspection on your vehicle the results will be logged onto the Classic Friendly website and you will be presented with a Classic Friendly inspection certificate This will provide you with a summary of the inspection results and the unique certificate number.

The full report will be available for you to view and print on the Classic Friendly website.

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